How to Document and Track Your CFRA Leaves

Tuesday, 1/26/2021, 9-10 a.m.
$49 for 1-Hour Live Webinar

Is This Webinar for You?

  • YES, if you will be subject to this law (5+ employees). 
  • YES, if you want to learn to manage leaves yourself (instead of paying us).

About this Webinar

This training is designed for companies with 5 or more employees anywhere… who also have employees working in California. The revisions to California’s Family Rights Act (CFRA) are now in effect so you need to be prepared to manage your first leave of absence. Join us to learn how you can manage CFRA leaves yourself.

  • Learn what is legally required to be in writing.
  • Be able to plan the deadlines for documents and return to work.
  • Learn our method for tracking a leave.
  • Notification templates and our tracking tool will be provided.

Presented by Candi Freed, Senior HR Consultant with HR Jungle LLC.

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