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While there is an overload of COVID-19 information out there, no one is telling you exactly how to make the employment changes needed, what those changes mean to you and your employees, and how to do it properly. This packet does that. 

HR Options for COVID-19

We have received a lot of calls from many of you with questions about what you can do and what effect it will have on employees… and your business. We wanted to provide a packet of information and documents that could help you with all of this, while saving you money!

You’ll have continuous access to this packet, which includes:

  • A detailed Summary of Employer Options regarding COVID-19;
  • Ready to use memos and other communication tools;
  • The forms you need to implement any employee changes;
  • And we’ll be updating information frequently.

Yes, we are charging for this but only $14.95 plus tax. We are still happy to help you in any way we can!

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