Why You Do What You Do

“I now have about 30 employees and have heard about employee engagement but I don’t really know what that means or why it’s important.”

Your HR Survival Tip

Employee engagement, in simplistic terms, means employees are involved in your company rather than just having a job. If the employee is just coming to a job, they can easily replace that job with a different one. However, if they are engaged with your company, they feel needed and important and that emotional connection often results in much better retention and happier employees.

Involving employees in the business isn’t that hard to do. People love to give their opinions and many just need to be asked. Management often gets so wrapped up in the big picture, they don’t really know how the front line is doing. If you think about it, that front line may not have a management title but they are often the ones with great ideas that could save you money or increase production.

If we walked into your company and started talking with employees, how would they answer these questions?

  • Why is what you are doing important to this company?
  • Do you have ideas of how your work could be done more easily or better?
  • Has anyone ever asked for your opinion about the work?
  • Do you know why your job is done exactly as you do it?
  • Can you tell me what the company values?
  • How do you describe to others what this company does?

The employees’ answers will give you a pretty good idea of how engaged employees’ are and how they feel about their jobs. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure every employee understands why their job is valuable to your company. Even low-level work is important and they need to know that. Based on the answers you get to these questions, you’ll know where you need to put some effort in creating engagement with your employees.

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