Order Your Employment Law Posters!

If you haven’t already ordered your posters, do it now because the new year is coming fast!

Click on the image to the right to order.

You’ll be taken to our favorite site for ordering employment law posters. The reason is… they offer both the poster and update service for less than most places charge just for the poster.

  • All-In-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster is fully laminated and attorney-approved.
  • Continued compliance throughout the year with the 1-Year E-Update Service that provides updated postings via email with every mandatory federal and state change.
  • They have a $25,000 ‘We-Pay-The-Fine’ guarantee that protects your business against costly fines and imposed penalties.

Only $29.99 for the poster and updates!

California recently passed a law that allows you to provide the poster information electronically. However, they were also very clear that electronic copies do not replace the required wall poster in whatever qualifies as your primary business office. 

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