Reading Your IWC

I’ve heard you mention an IWC but I don’t know what it is.  [click to read more …]

HR Needs It Signed on the Dotted Line

I don’t like to do write-ups. Can’t a conversation with an employee work just as well?  [click to read more …]

What Happens Behind Your Back?

I may not be new to supervising others, but I don’t think I’m very good at it.  [click to read more …]

How to Set Goals for Employees

I would really like to set goals for my employees but I don’t know how to create the process.  [click to read more …]

Salaries Up For Review

I know the minimum wage increased but, when that happens, no one explains how it affects the salaries I pay.  [click to read more …]

When to Ask for Advice

The problem I have is knowing when to use my own instincts when something happens and when to ask for advice.  [click to read more …]

Upcoming Legal Changes

The California legislature has made sure our new year is filled with lots of changes for employers. This is just a quick heads-up about what’s coming. Be sure to update your Employee Handbook or policies accordingly.  [click to read more …]

Ignore the Title

I’m interviewing applicants for a position and one has told me they’d prefer to call the position something else. I’m not really comfortable with the new title suggested. What do I tell them?  [click to read more …]

Return of Property

I provide my employees with things like tools and a laptop. Can I deduct the cost of that property from their final paycheck if they don’t return it?  [click to read more …]

Special Clothing

I’d like my employees to wear certain clothing for work. What can I require?  [click to read more …]