When Money is Tight

I am expecting money from my receivables and an investor. However, right now I’m strapped for cash for payroll. What are my options?  [click to read more …]

Garnishments and Other Notices

I received a notice that an employee needs to provide insurance for a dependent. What do I do with this?  [click to read more …]

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

I have an employee, Sam, who is a constant problem. Today while speaking with him, he became frustrated with the conversation and said he might as well quit. Later I found myself wishing he had. What should I have done?  [click to read more …]

How to Set Goals for Employees

I would really like to set goals for my employees but I don’t know how to create the process.  [click to read more …]

HR Needs It Signed on the Dotted Line

I don’t like to do write-ups. Can’t a conversation with an employee work just as well?  [click to read more …]


Many of you, like us, remember the “old” days when you only needed to buy a new employment law poster once every 2 or 3 years… and most laws went into effect on January 1st so we didn’t have to worry about those mid-year updates. Sadly, the old days are over and the poster information is changing randomly and frequently. This is why we always recommend the update service.  [click to read more …]

Salaries Up For Review

I know the minimum wage is increasing but, when that happens, no one explains how it affects the salaries I pay.  [click to read more …]

New Laws for 2024

California’s legislature and courts have been busy making new laws and decisions. You are required to implement most of the legal changes listed below on January 1st, 2024. Some changes will affect your Employee Handbook policies so plan to have it updated.  [click to read more …]

Employee’s Track Record

I have a couple of employees who continue to occasionally disregard my rules. When it happens, I talk with them and they work harder for a while, then slip back into bad habits. What should I be doing to avoid this?  [click to read more …]

Talk Gets Old

I have an employee, Joe, who is 66. Although he hasn’t talked about retiring, I’d like to start planning to find and train his replacement so we’ll be ready when he retires. How do I initiate that conversation?  [click to read more …]