Countering Gas Prices

I’d like to provide a bonus for employees to counter the rising gas prices. How do I set it up?  [click to read more …]

Creating a Bonus Plan

I’d like to provide my employees with a bonus but I’m not sure how it should work.  [click to read more …]

Pay Attention or Pay Up

My employees prefer to skip an “official” rest period but do take short breaks to use the restroom or grab a drink. Since the time is paid, I don’t see a problem.  [click to read more …]

Retirement Plan Deadline

I keep hearing about a state retirement plan but don’t know if I want to use that or start a 401(k) for my employees. Am I being forced to do something?  [click to read more …]

Employee Moves

I have two employees who want to move out-of-state to live while working remotely for me. What things should I consider?  [click to read more …]

Alternative Workweek Schedules

I’m planning on scheduling my employees for 4 10-hour days, starting next week. If I give them a week’s notice, is that enough time?  [click to read more …]

COVID Pay is Back

The 2022 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (SPSL) is now law and in effect from 1/1 through 9/30/2022. The 2022 version is different than what we had last year so paid close attention to the differences summarized herein.  [click to read more …]

Paying for the Benefit

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had several employees working remotely and it’s working out great. Since they have their own computers and everything else they need, I’m even saving money. What’s not to like?  [click to read more …]

One Drink Too Many

hat’s the worst that can happen if I serve alcohol at our company holiday party but offer cab service to and from each employee’s home?  [click to read more …]

Managing After the Fact

I currently have an employee on a leave of absence who is due back in three weeks. We don’t want her back. While she’s been gone, we have found so much that she didn’t do well or even do at all. Is it okay to tell her we don’t want her back?  [click to read more …]