Pay on Time or Pay More

I’m low on money and would prefer to pay my employees a week late. They say they’re okay with it.  [click to read more …]

Time to Plan the Holidays

I’m never sure on which holidays I should close or pay employees if they’re off. Are there rules?  [click to read more …]

We Know Where You Are

I have employees in the field who have company cell phones with GPS tracking. This is so great because I can log in anytime and see where they are and how long they’ve been there. However, one of my employees, Joe has removed the GPS tracking device. Can I fire him for that?  [click to read more …]

Exempt Positions

Some of my employees feel they should be exempt but I’m not sure they qualify.  [click to read more …]

Reclassify the Exempt Employee

I have an exempt (salaried) employee I’d like to make hourly instead. How do I do that?  [click to read more …]

Have a POP

I just started offering health insurance to my employees. Now my broker is trying to sell me something called a POP. Do I need it?  [click to read more …]

Interviews That Are Work

I have job candidates do a 1-day working interview before I decide if I’ll hire them. I write the candidates a check for the time but don’t put them on the payroll. Is this okay since I’m paying them?  [click to read more …]

Promises to Be Paid

I gave a large advance to an employee and we started deducting money from his paychecks to pay it back. However, he just resigned and still owes me $750. What are my options for getting the rest of my money?  [click to read more …]

Short Days

If I have someone come to work one day just for a 30-minute meeting, do I have to pay them for the whole day? Also, what if they come to work but I don’t need them at all that day?  [click to read more …]

Long Lunches

I have a couple of employees who like long lunches and sometimes take 2 hours. They still work 8 hours but do I need to let them continue this?  [click to read more …]