Upcoming Deadlines

We have a few hard deadlines ahead of us that require action. Start scheduling now to ensure everything is ready and/or done by the deadline.

By 12/31/2020 — Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

If your company has 5+ employees anywhere, including owners, all your California employees must complete their sexual harassment prevention training by 12/31 of this year. This is paid time for the employees so schedule it accordingly. We have had two years to get this training completed so it’s highly unlikely the state will accept any excuses for not meeting the deadline. There are several resources for this training available online, including our training.

On 1/1/2021 — New Minimum Wage

On January 1st, the CA minimum wage increases again for non-exempt (hourly) employees. Companies with 25 or fewer employees must pay $13/hour, while companies with 26 or more employees must pay $14/hour. These numbers will continue to increase by $1 for the next two years. Please check the law in your area because most have a higher minimum wage. For example, the city of San Diego’s minimum wage will be $14/hour on 1/1 for companies of any size.

On 1/1/2021 — New Minimum Salary

Whenever the state’s minimum wage increases, it affects the salary for exempt employees. The calculation is always the same: 2 x state minimum wage x 2080. The new absolute minimum an exempt employee can earn in 2021 is $54,080 (in companies of 25 or fewer employees) or $58,240 (in companies of 26 or more employees). This number does not allow any unpaid days off (because it’s the minimum) and cannot be reduced due to part-time hours. If the position is becoming overpriced for you, let’s talk about changing it to hourly non-exempt.

On 1/1/2021 — California Family Rights Act (CFRA)

Effective 1/1, companies with 5+ employees anywhere, including owners, will now be subject to CFRA…this has been reduced from 50+ employees. Eligible employees will be able to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, protected time off every 12 months if they have a qualifying event. The most common qualified reasons include their own or a family member’s serious health condition or for baby bonding time. In addition to keeping the job protected, there is paperwork involved that must be provided in a timely manner. Please let us know if you’re interested in our services for this.

These are not flexible deadlines so don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. We have resources available so please inquire if you need help or have questions.

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