Many of you, like us, remember the “old” days when you only needed to buy a new employment law poster once every 2 or 3 years… and most laws went into effect on January 1st so we didn’t have to worry about those mid-year updates. Sadly, the old days are over and the poster information is changing randomly and frequently. This is why we always recommend the update service.

Since COVID, our clients have been managing more remote employees than ever before. Let’s be clear, a remote employee is someone who never or rarely comes to your facility. So even employees based out of your facility may be considered remote if they work in the field. This may make you subject to a couple of laws you never considered. Just in California, there are at least 30 different localities with different minimum wage and sick leave laws. Unbelievable, right? Even worse, your employees are often subject to those laws if they spend more than 2 hours a week at that locality.

Legally, every employee must have easy access to the information on the State and Federal employment law posters and that includes the relevant city/county posters. While it’s great that you put a new poster on the wall at your facility, you still aren’t compliant if you haven’t provided the same access to your remote or field employees. This has always been a big challenge for those with field employees and the increase in remote employees has made it more so.

The good news is we have discovered an online service that makes it easy for you. This remote service emails specific poster info and updates to the remote employees you’ve signed up for the service. Click here to learn more about it.

One word of caution: Since the service charges you per employee, remember only to count and list your REMOTE employees.

If this remote service still doesn’t work well for you because your employees don’t have access to email while working, consider putting a poster up at the facilities they service or in the company vehicle they use. You may need to get creative to ensure you’re compliant to avoid fines.

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