Hybrid Work Stats

“I can’t decide what I want to do with my employees now that they can work in the office again. Any ideas?”

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This has been a huge topic of conversation among companies of all sizes. Employees have now gotten used to working remotely and are being more resistant than ever to returning to the office. Let’s look at a few statistics:

  • 90% of organizations will be changing to a hybrid model combining on-site and remote work.

  • 10% will continue fully on-site and only 3% will continue fully remote, even though they were fully on-site before COVID.

  • 68% of organizations still don’t have a detailed plan laid out for the hybrid model.

  • 36% are either discussing broad concepts or haven’t even started thinking about it.

  • 51% of employees significantly improved their personal productivity when working remotely.

  • 35% of customers felt there was a significant improvement in customer service.

  • 50% of leaders have ideas on how managers should lead remote workers differently and have been training those managers.

If you feel like you’re falling behind on getting a plan in place, you’re not. While everyone is thinking about it, not everyone is ready with a plan. However, the time is now. Start with assessing your processes and determine which changes need to be implemented to make those processes work well in a hybrid company. You also need to give serious thought to communication within your organization because it will need to be more deliberate than it was when everyone was on-site.

One of the other changes you’ll need to make is teaching your leads and managers how to manage remotely, measure productivity, and develop their teams. Communication by phone, chat, or email is much harder because the body language is missing and those visuals represent a great deal of the message itself. Even if you didn’t provide manager training previously, we believe it is a wise investment for the future.

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