No Surprises

Employees don’t always like surprises and, in most cases, you really don’t want to surprise your employee unless you’re handing them a bunch of money. Don’t be surprised if nearly every other surprise could become a problem.  [click to read more …]

Special Clothing

I’d like my employees to wear certain clothing for work. What can I require?  [click to read more …]

The First 90 Days

I’ve been using 90 days as the orientation period for new employees but it really takes us about 120 days to determine if they can do the job. Is it okay to make it longer?  [click to read more …]

When to Take Disciplinary Action

When an employee does something wrong, I have a conversation with them. Then I have another conversation. At what point do I need to take disciplinary action and what should it be?  [click to read more …]

PTO Use and Rules

I’m not sure I have my paid time off set up correctly.  [click to read more …]

It’s Sick, Not Vacation Time

I don’t offer paid vacations so I just let my employees use their sick time however they want.  [click to read more …]

But You Didn’t Document

I recently terminated Sam, my employee. I had several discussions with him about his performance but he didn’t listen and improve. He said I couldn’t fire him since I hadn’t written him up. Is that true?  [click to read more …]

WEBINAR: Successful Separations

Employees eventually separate from companies, in one way or another. Whether that separation is voluntary or involuntary, you need to understand how to handle the legalities. Plus, in today’s lawsuit-crazy times, you want to avoid common mistakes. You will also receive the paperwork we use for separations.  [click to read more …]

The Order of Things Digitally

I am scanning and saving all the employee paperwork but the folder is becoming a bit of a mess.  [click to read more …]

Travel Pay

I have field employees but am confused about what I can or should be paying them for their travel.  [click to read more …]