Reporting COVID

As positive COVID cases continue to rise, we want to remind everyone of your reporting requirements. This was simpler a few months ago but new laws have been layered upon old laws and now reporting is more tedious. If you have an employee testing positive (and who doesn’t just work from home), you must make several reports and notifications now and even more as of 1/1/2021.

Most importantly, only the DWC-1 form below has the positive case employee’s name on it. Every other document should only use an identifier code, not the employee’s name.

Within one business day of a positive test result:

  • Have the employee complete a DWC-1 regarding how they believe they were exposed. This stays in your files.

  • Provide written notice to all employees (and contractors and contractor’s companies) who were on that worksite within the infectious period that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. The infectious period is 2 days before the first symptom/test and approximately 10 days after.

  • Provide written notice to all employees who may have been exposed explaining COVID-related benefits they may be entitled to from you and from state/federal governments, such as paid time off to quarantine.

  • Provide written notice to all employees about your disinfection and safety plans.

The next reporting requirements are:

  • Within 48 hours, notify your County Health Department.

  • As soon as possible, report the positive case to your workers’ compensation carrier without using the employee’s name but include the date they were tested, the worksite address, and the highest number of employees who reported to that worksite over the preceding 45 days.

We are hearing about too many positive cases and exposures but this was, unfortunately, expected after Thanksgiving. Unless you want to be paying employees to quarantine, please work hard to enforce your safety protocols. Also, reinforce the need for personal safety over the holidays. It’s hard to stay home when the family tradition has been to gather and enjoy time together. However, celebrations with only the members of your household are the safest and best way to ensure everyone remains healthy for the new year.

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