Hiring is Tough

“I’m having a very difficult time finding and hiring employees. What am I doing wrong?”

Your HR Survival Tip

Remember the days of being able to run a Craigslist ad and getting 200 replies? Oh, wait, that was only two years ago. We are hearing from every industry and at every level that companies are having a very difficult time finding employees. Our usual methods for finding new employees are not working well this year and it’s been predicted that up to 70% of employees could make a move this year. There are several reasons for that statistic:

  • Employees preferred staying with their company, if possible, last year because they were familiar with it. This year, fears of a company closing down and fears of personal safety are much lower on the list.

  • Working remotely became a requirement for many last year. This year, a lot of those employees are now refusing to work at the office and are willing to look for a new job that allows them to continue working remotely.

  • The reasons employees stay with a company have changed. The remote work made it very difficult to maintain coworker friendships because the ability to have casual conversations disappeared. The feeling of loyalty to a company they never see anymore has been lost. This year it’s all about the employee and staying remote and higher wages have risen to the top of the list.

Instead of just hiring as you normally have, you need to review the positions and what you have to offer. You must be more creative and competitive. Can you offer a “hybrid” work policy where employees have a choice about working remotely for 1-3 days each week? Can you be more flexible in employee hours, such as offering shifts that begin anywhere between 7:00-9:00 a.m. or 8:00-10:00 a.m.? Can you add more to your benefits package that rewards retention, such as an increase in paid time off after 1-2 years? When was the last time you compared what you pay with what your competitors are paying to ensure you aren’t below the current wages being offered?

When looking for new employees, you need to be open to new resources and methods. Running ads on Craigslist.com and Indeed.com isn’t enough anymore. Consider marketing your company in a way that highlights what you have to offer as an employer and in places applicants will notice, such as on social media. Consider offering a finder’s fee to current employees who bring in an applicant who is hired. Ask your current employees which resources they would use if they were looking for a new job.

We know LinkedIn has been a passive resource for candidates but it’s time to expand. Some of the social media sites companies are beginning to use include Facebook groups to more directly approach potential candidates, YouTube video presentations showing what you have to offer, Reddit when you have a good marketing pitch, and even TikTok if you’re targeting recent grads. Instead of just putting the job description out there, consider a short video actually discussing the role.

Employees at every level are being hired away for a substantial increase in wages. Are you confident you’re doing the best you can for your employees? You need to be prepared to not only be competitive when hiring but to also make sure your existing employees know you are appreciative of their efforts and that you want to keep them. You’ll need to be proactive and creative to win this competition.

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